I don’t think the purpose of this forum

can be comparred to the forum this girl is running. There is a difference between complaining and offering support. I am very grateful to PW and to the people of this forum. I have never been involved with a MLM, but my 23 year old son is and has been for almost four years. I did not know anybody else that was in a MLM or had ever been in one. Even so, it just sounded like a get rich quick scheme. Since I really didn’t know about Quixtar I decided to get some books on the subject of MLMs. What I read scared the hell out of me. MLMs are much more than a get rich scheme. I really felt a need to talk with others that had experience with MLMs because whenever I talked with family or friends about my concern they just looked at it as a stage my son was going through.
After much searching on the net I found this forum. While I didn’t find a quick way to get my son out of Quixtar (I was hoping I would) I have found people that understand, care, and offer support. It does help to know I’m not alone. PW and others in this forum are providing a service here. I never once thought that those that had been in MLMs hadn’t moved on with their lives. As long as this forum exsists I will read the posts everyday.

I did move on at one point

I dealt with my own involvement in MLM by needing to stay connected to this forum for awhile and unsubscribed when I no longer needed it and also felt I wasn’t adding anything. Then one of my SIL’s got involved with an MLM and I rejoined for support and help in how to deal with her. Then my other SIL got involved in an MLM. My husband now deals daily with a Nikken distributor pushing his wares on him at work. My next door neighbor who swears she can’t stand MLMs was doing PPL and Stampin’ up and is constantly inviting me to parties, etc, etc.

I look at this forum as I do parenting. I don’t know it all and even the areas that I am well versed in, it always helps to recharge and refresh my knowledge so I am better prepared to respond appropriately. As a recovering alcoholic will always need their support, so do many who gave their lives over to MLM and got out.

I appreciate PWs efforts as moderator in keeping this forum healthy. It takes time/effort and often comes with a lot of negativity directed towards you. Oh and the pay stinks too..lol. It really is not easy to maintain a forum with healthy boundaries, especially one of this size.