Being that this is a survivor forum\blog

and not a database for mlm forum, it is reasonable to expect that we don’t post alot of facts as per se, about different mlm’s. We discuss how people have been hurt by mlm abuses. As AmQuix is the largest and most prevalent, it stands to reason that this would be the most common one we would hear about and discuss.

If you are looking for information about mlm, go to mlm watch, or or just google the particular mlm/scam you are looking for.

As for the whole “Has anyone heard of” or “what do you think of” line of questioning, we don’t do research for people and a lot of the time those questions are asked by trollers. Please don’t ask here. Thanks

I not so sure my post will be tolerated…

After coming here for over a year or so, I’m convinced that this site is 90% about AMWAY and Quixar. Having repented of my former life in MLM, I was hoping to get new information about new scams. Right now the only thing I know to do is read the headlines of the latest Money Makers Monthly to see what the latest hyped companies are. I would think as long as this website has been going that there would be more content on anything but Amway/Quixar since it is the oldest scam going in America.

I was thinking the other day how the “GAS PILLS” scams peaked about a year or two too early. (Prior to $4.00 a gallon gas) How many long distance mlms must have gone under because of cell phones and unlimted local landline calling. The old water filters with a 5k min purchase (front end loading) for garage qualifying.

I guess the bottom line is there are tons of MLMs since the Grand- Daddy of the all, Scamway has been in business. How about a little more discussion about more modern mlms or some different ones. I’ve seen some others mentioned but not for long and the Scamway
discussions start back.