Anyone else here ever involved in

Consumer Express, AMRON, NUVA, CMODDS, the original 7×7 matrix version of FutureWorld, the original version of Excel Telecommunications, or old time mailorder stuff like co-publishing adsheets or mailing flyers? I used to love those little self-published adsheets, it was a real treat to me to get a ‘big mail’ full of them 🙂

Of course after a while they ruined your eyes on the tiny print in the 1″ ads, and you realized everyone was selling the same thing: flyer printing, flyer mailing, ad typesetting, flyer ad space, rubber stamps, mailing lists of other suckers like yourself, and ‘secret’ reports and formulas and recipes 🙂

Just the same, I’d love to go back and get another ‘big mail’, or a copy of MLM News, or Tom T. O’Shea’s Mailorder Network Advertiser to remember the excitement, the hopes, the dreams.

I admit it, i’ve looked for new mlm’s lately, do so every year or two, and as far as i can tell they are still infested with uncontrollable liars that couldn’t give a straight answer with a gun to their heads, especially the ‘tropical juice’ distributors. The worst one is that ‘direct beef jerky’ mlm guy, he was advertising “no MSG” even though his ingredients plainly listed “Monosodium Glutamate”!!! I like to think I’m the reason he took his message board down after I repeatedly pinned him down on the issue.

I wonder whatever happened to Prestige III.

The maker of ‘Allfood Tabs’ as sold by Sphere and Ideal was selling direct to customer from their website until just a couple years ago, and have now vanished from the web.

If anyone has memories, gossip, or small-talk of mlm in the mid 80’s, feel free to email me 🙂

That would only come up on this list

if somebody in one of those wrote about them here. Well, that is the source of how the new hyped stuff is marketed. If anybody asks about them, they will be discussed. However, I doubt that anybody is going to go out of their way to research the current MLMs, just to write a critique. (Besides which, that information is posted on other mailing lists, and blogs.)