After a point, could it be useful as a distraction?

I saw forum the other day that centered around someone’s exboyfriend of 4 years ago. And it was still active! She stated that the website had a “higher purpose” to protect others from the pain she went through. From reading the comments though, it was mostly about continued revenge against the ex (the actions and claims weren’t as congruent as she would like. The cause might be a great one I don’t know, and there’s nothing necessarily “wrong” with it. Be that as it may, I think it’s fair to say that most people wouldn’t associate her continued focus on the subject and running a forum named after the ex with someone being “over their ex”. When continually talking about a person for years and associating the Maslow human need of “connection with others” (via the forum), the topic is continually being reinforced and the assocation with the feelings keep strong like a muscle that is exercised.

Is the name of the ex in this case “Amway”? And who the hell named their kid that?

I submit that you’ll know you are “over it” when you’re able to move on and using the ex forum time for something completely fresh and new…for example, piano lessons!

If the goal of being involved in such a forum doesn’t include being able to move on and leave the forum, then I wonder if it’s being used as a distraction. I’m talking to myself here too by the way 🙂