Essentially, it depends upon your goals and your role in the forum

I, for one, joined this forum for help with understanding what had happened over the course of my 5+ years of involvement in MLM and what I was likely to expect in the future. This forum helped me and my wife in that regard. The previous owner of this forum had been involved in Amway and various MLM web sites and discussion forums for about 15 years when she decided to move on to other things entirely.
She had been involved in a lot of unseen efforts to expose the abuses of AQMO organizations and their equivalents in other MLM companies. So the breadth of her activities were (and could still be) wider than (for instance) mine. I simply moderate a couple of online forums about MLM. Hardly something that dominates my day.

But I do appreciate the notion of “moving on.” There’s an old adage about getting on the boat to go across the river and how useless being on the boat can get if you never get off on the other side of the river.

But neither you nor I define what “the other side” is for anyone here. It is a personal thing, not something that can be dictated. So for this forum, it’s best, I think, that we are simply here and that people can come and go as they think best.

But if you think *I* should be one who moves on, we can talk about ownership and moderation duties of this forum. I mostly enjoy doing this, but I could let it go if I knew someone would continue it in a responsible way. That’s the main reason Ruth entrusted me with this forum. She knew I wouldn’t ruin it. I intend to honor her trust in me, and I hope to follow the same path with the next owner.

(Until there are no more victims of MLM, this forum will need to exist, and there will need to be someone responsible at is helm.)