I don’t think the purpose of this forum

can be comparred to the forum this girl is running. There is a difference between complaining and offering support. I am very grateful to PW and to the people of this forum. I have never been involved with a MLM, but my 23 year old son is and has been for almost four years. I did not know anybody else that was in a MLM or had ever been in one. Even so, it just sounded like a get rich quick scheme. Since I really didn’t know about Quixtar I decided to get some books on the subject of MLMs. What I read scared the hell out of me. MLMs are much more than a get rich scheme. I really felt a need to talk with others that had experience with MLMs because whenever I talked with family or friends about my concern they just looked at it as a stage my son was going through.
After much searching on the net I found this forum. While I didn’t find a quick way to get my son out of Quixtar (I was hoping I would) I have found people that understand, care, and offer support. It does help to know I’m not alone. PW and others in this forum are providing a service here. I never once thought that those that had been in MLMs hadn’t moved on with their lives. As long as this forum exsists I will read the posts everyday.