I not so sure my post will be tolerated…

After coming here for over a year or so, I’m convinced that this site is 90% about AMWAY and Quixar. Having repented of my former life in MLM, I was hoping to get new information about new scams. Right now the only thing I know to do is read the headlines of the latest Money Makers Monthly to see what the latest hyped companies are. I would think as long as this website has been going that there would be more content on anything but Amway/Quixar since it is the oldest scam going in America.

I was thinking the other day how the “GAS PILLS” scams peaked about a year or two too early. (Prior to $4.00 a gallon gas) How many long distance mlms must have gone under because of cell phones and unlimted local landline calling. The old water filters with a 5k min purchase (front end loading) for garage qualifying.

I guess the bottom line is there are tons of MLMs since the Grand- Daddy of the all, Scamway has been in business. How about a little more discussion about more modern mlms or some different ones. I’ve seen some others mentioned but not for long and the Scamway
discussions start back.