It’s also good to read people talking about their experiences

Personally I get something out of this forum. I was in an MLM once but never got really sucked into it like some. I have seen lots of others get sucked in. I have even attended some of these “opportunity” meetings for other products. Part of what this forum has helped me do is understand the system and context for the MLMs. I can see from the materials presented in the files section and the discussions here the degree to which the MLM is a systematic mind game. It just doesn’t hold up to what is common sense about business or making money. Peopl who are in it are always looking at the horizon for a quick fix and avoiding doing the things that would make them money – like cutting overhead costs, seeking less expensive products to sell, not going to so many seminars but concentrating on selling the products, doing a busines plan, understanding financial statements, depending on the business to generate revenue rather than concentrating on tax benefits and much more.