Why are you here in the first place?

Did our forum reach out thru the Internet and grab you, forcing you in here? Are you the self-appointed web counselor dispensing unsolicited mental health advice? What does it matter to you if this forum or even the other site you visited is active and what the content might be? If you accidentally happend upon us and we offend you, you do realize that your back button works? What is your connection with mlm?

To tell the truth we see your type of post quite often and it is always some pro-mlmer who is telling us we need to get over it and get on with our life, usually followed by such labels as “loser” and “lazy”. In addition if you plan on quoting Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs then it is best to include all 5 levels so his philosophy is not taken out of context.

A special note to PW, you do a great job as owner and moderator of this forum. Ruth was very wise to leave her legacy in your hands.